My research interest focuses on solving current clinical problem from engineering aspect. Due to broad research interests, I divide my researches into 3 categories, nano scale, micro scale and macro scale. In nano scale, I work on nanoparticles for drug delivery, such as lipid nanoparticle for gene therapy. In micro scale, I used core-shell decoupled microcapsules to do three dimensional cell culture, including hepatocyte, organdies and islet encapsulation for type I diabetes. Last, I have worked on macro-device to encapsulate therapeutic cells for cell therapy.

Research 1


  • Yen-Chun Lu, Tinyi Chu, Matthew S. Hall, Dah-Jiun Fu, Quanming Shi, Alan Chiu, Duo An, Longhai Wang, Yehudah Pardo, Teresa Southard, Charles Danko, Jan Liphardt, Alexander Nikitin, Mingming Wu, Claudia Fischbach, Scott Coonrod, Minglin Ma, “Physical confinement induces malignant transformation in mammary epithelial cells.”, Biomaterials, 217 (2019), 119307
Research 2
  • An, Duo, Long-Hai Wang, Alexander Ulrich Ernst, Alan Chiu, Yen-Chun Lu, James Arthur Flanders, Ashim Kumar Datta, and Minglin Ma. 2019. “An Atmosphere-Breathing Refillable Biphasic Device for Cell Replacement Therapy.” Advanced Materials 31(52):1905135.
Research 3
  • Duo An, Alan Chiu, James A Flanders, Wei Song, Dahua Shou, Yen-Chun Lu, Lars G Grunnet, Louise Winkel, Camilla Ingvorsen, Nicolaj Strøyer Christophersen, Johannes Josef Fels, Fredrik Wolfhagen Sand, Yewei Ji, Ling Qi, Yehudah Pardo, Dan Luo, Meredith Silberstein, Jintu Fan, Minglin Ma, ”Designing a retrievable and scalable cell encapsulation device for potential treatment of type 1 diabetes.” PNAS 2018, 115 (2) E263-E272
Research 4
  • Yen-Chun Lu, Dah-Jiun Fu, Duo An, Alan Chiu, Robert Schwartz, Alexander Yu Nikitin, Minglin Ma, “Scalable Production and Cryo-storage of Organoids Using Core-shell Decoupled Hydrogel Capsules.” Adv. Biosys. 2017, 1, 1700165
Research 5
  • Song, Wei, Chih-Kuan Tung, Yen-Chun Lu, Yehudah Pardo, Mingming Wu, Moumita Das, Der-I Kao, Shuibing Chen, and Minglin Ma. 2016. “Dynamic Self-Organization of Microwell-Aggregated Cellular Mixtures.” Soft Matter 12 (26). The Royal Society of Chemistry: 5739–46.
Research 6
  • Bussche, Leen, Rebecca M Harman, Bethany a Syracuse, Eric L Plante, Yen-Chun Lu, Theresa M Curtis, Minglin Ma, and Gerlinde R Van de Walle. 2015. “Microencapsulated Equine Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Promote Cutaneous Wound Healing in Vitro.” Stem Cell Research & Therapy 6: 66.
Research 7
  • Song, Wei, Yen-Chun Lu, Angela S Frankel, Duo An, Robert E Schwartz, and Minglin Ma. 2015. “Engraftment of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Hepatocytes in Immunocompetent Mice via 3D Co-Aggregation and Encapsulation.” Scientific Reports 5 (April). Nature Publishing Group: 16884.
Research 8
  • Yen-Chun Lu, Wei Song, Duo An, Beum Jun Kim, Robert Schwartz, Mingming Wu, and Minglin Ma. “Designing Compartmentalized Hydrogel Microparticles for Cell Encapsulation and Scalable 3D Cell Culture.” J. Mater. Chem. B 2015 3 (3). Royal Society of Chemistry: 353–60.
Research 9
  • An, Duo, Yewei Ji, Alan Chiu, Yen-Chun Lu, Wei Song, Lei Zhai, Ling Qi, Dan Luo, and Minglin Ma. “Developing Robust, Hydrogel-Based, Nanofiber-Enabled Encapsulation Devices (NEEDs) for Cell Therapies.” Biomaterials 2015 37. Elsevier Ltd: 40–48
Research 10
  • Song, Wei, Duo An, Der I. Kao, Yen-Chun Lu, Guohao Dai, Shuibing Chen, and Minglin Ma. “Nanofibrous Microposts and Microwells of Controlled Shapes and Their Hybridization with Hydrogels for Cell Encapsulation.” ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2014 6 (10). American Chemical Society: 7038–44
Research 11
  • Wang, Steven S S, Kuan Nan Liu, and Yen Chun Lu. “Amyloid Fibrillation of Hen Egg-White Lysozyme Is Inhibited by TCEP.” Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 2009 381 (4): 639–42.
Research 12

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