Jason, Yen-Chun Lu, Ph.D.

Jason Lu, Principal Investigator

I am Jason (Yen-Chun) Lu who is an immigrant scientist/engineer in US working on solving current biomedical problems. I received double B.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering, also, minor in Economics from National Taiwan University. I obtained M.Eng in Biomedical Engineering and M.S./Ph.D. in Biological Engineering at Cornell University; I am currently a Research fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital and Langer/Anderson lab at Koch Institute (MIT). My primary research focuses on biomedical research, including 3D microtissue (tumor aggregates, mesenchymal stem cells, organoids…etc.) production in biomanufacturing purposes. In addition, I worked on how physical confinement induces tumorigenesis in breast cancer. Currently, I am also working on RNA therapeutic using lipid nanoparticles, cell therapy for type I/II diabetes, and smart hydrogel for insulin/glucagon delivery.

Dodo, Principal Associate, Taiwanese

Dodo moved to the U.S. from Taiwan in 2015 and joined the team. His main responsibilities are checking the laptop functionality, watching academic seminars, and being an iPad holder for Jason.

Mumu, Senior Associate, American

Mumu joined the team in 2015 in Ithaca, NY. Her main responsibilities are managing common supplies, watching academic workshops, and doing office cleaning.

Tofu, Associate, Taiwanese

Tofu moved from Taiwan to the U.S. in 2018. Her responsibilities are data analysis, and managing supplies.

Mochi, Associate, Taiwanese

Mochi moved from Taiwan to the U.S. in 2018. His responsibilities are managing supplies and arranging work schedules for the team members.

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