Tips for Job Application (1)

Finding a job is probably the most important thing for every student when they are about to graduate. However, many students feel lost when facing job hunting. Therefore, I would like to share a few tips about job hunting:

1. Clarify your goals:

Before you start looking for a job, make sure you know what kind of job you want to do and the career path you are after. Taking the pharmaceutical industry as an example, assuming you are a student in a biomedical-related field, usually, you could find a position in the following departments: research & development, analytical development/process development, manufacturing and regulations (Chemistry, Manufacturing, and control, CMC). With these clear goals, you can focus more on finding job opportunities that suit you.

2. Prepare your resume (Resume) and cover letter (Cover Letter):

A resume and cover letter are two very important documents when we apply for a job. Although a cover letter is no longer necessary for every document, however, in the job application, if you want to actively apply for a specific job, I highly suggest that you should write it well. In the preparation of the resume and cover letter, you must remember to ensure that the content is clear and easy to read so that the HR or hiring manager can quickly find the information they want.

3. Using network resources:

Using LinkedIn and other recruitment websites is a smart way to find any opening and file application. Moreover, you could also ask recruiters to help find suitable jobs and look for more job opportunities. Additionally, you can connect with people you already know and ask if they know of any job opportunities in the company and refer you as a potential candidate.

4. Participate in career fairs and activities:

Many schools will hold career fairs and invite many companies to come to the school to recruit new employees. You can take this opportunity to bring your resume to chat with the company’s human resources or hiring manager, establish contacts, and get more job opportunities!

5. Stay positive:

Finding a job is a slow and challenging process, and maintaining a positive attitude is very important to support your mental health till finding a job. When the student working visa (OPT) starts, a lot of international students might feel stressed and frustrated which might induce a negative effect during the interview. So how to manage pressure and stay positive is a key element in job hunting!

6. Do your homework:

Before your interview, do your research to understand the company you’re applying to include its culture, and its values. This allows you to get to know the company better and be well-prepared for your interview. In my experience, it is necessary to do research on the company and hiring manager before the interview. In some interviews, I have seen candidates not do their homework to learn more about the company, and I would have a really bad impression of these candidates. Therefore, remember to do your homework before the interview.

7. Thank you letter:

Thank you letter could be a very important factor in affecting the decision of the offer letter. After the interview, send a thank you letter email to express your gratitude for the interview. Generally speaking, this letter might change the impression of the candidate from the interviewer. Sometimes you can use the opportunity of the thank you letter to explain any unclear answer during the interview process. This might allow the interviewer comprehends your personality indicating that you will find an answer to the problem under difficult circumstance. Finally, you can use this thank you letter to keep in touch with the hiring manager or human resources in the future and get notified when there are job opportunities.


Job hunting is a long battle. In order to find a job that suits you, it often takes a lot of time and energy to screen out the job that suits you. It takes a lot of work from the preparation of job application documents to interviews, all the way to the final salary negotiation It usually takes 2-3 months to prepare for the job application, and hopefully, these tips are helpful on the job search. In the following articles, I will prepare a series of articles about job applications for graduating students. Finally, if you have any questions, please leave a message to let me know, and if you like this article, please help me share it with your friends, thank you!

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