About Jason Lu

I am Jason (Yen-Chun) Lu who is an immigrant scientist/engineer in US working on solving current biomedical problems. I received double B.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering, also, minor in Economics from National Taiwan University. I obtained M.Eng in Biomedical Engineering and M.S./Ph.D. in Biological Engineering at Cornell University; I am currently a Research fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital and Langer/Anderson lab at Koch Institute (MIT). My primary research focuses on biomedical research, including 3D microtissue (tumor aggregates, mesenchymal stem cells, organoids…etc.) production in biomanufacturing purposes. In addition, I worked on how physical confinement induces tumorigenesis in breast cancer. Currently, I am also working on RNA therapeutic using lipid nanoparticles, cell therapy for type I/II diabetes, and smart hydrogel for insulin/glucagon delivery. If you have any interests in these techniques, please feel free to contact me at jasonyenchunlu at gmail.com.